Best Loan Company Edmonton
Best Loan Company Edmonton
Best Loan Company Edmonton
Best Loan Company Edmonton
Best Loan Company Edmonton
Best Loan Company Edmonton

Grow Lending Group™ offers its private lenders various opportunities to invest (lend) to borrowers and earn annual rates of return typically between 7% and 14% or more, paid monthly.   The loan investments are carefully evaluated by our experienced team that includes lenders, our Mortgage Broker, our Exempt Market Dealer, lawyers, and former bankers, and all relevant due diligence information is provided to the investors to review and approve.  All loan and related security documents are in the name of the investor.

Minimum investment amounts start at $250,000 and all investors must qualify as an Accredited Investor.

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Best Loan Company Edmonton
Best Loan Company Edmonton
Best Loan Company Edmonton

Some of our recent deals for our investors include

The borrowers operate an automation business. Growth was substantial leading up to the Covid-19 pandemic, but the downturn in the economy negatively impacted their business. While the business was able to survive and continue to grow, the company accumulated approximately $1.4 million in debt owing to CRA. The business did not have the cash on hand to make this payment in its entirety, so they sought financing. Grow was able to obtain $1 million at a 13% per annum return for our investors.  The loan consisted of a 6-month interest guarantee, and interest only payments, with the principal being repaid in full at maturity. Security consisted of 4 personal residences that was supplemented by various other personal assets.  

The borrower operated a brewery in Edmonton. Like many businesses, they found themselves with dramatically reduced revenue once the pandemic struck. This consequently caused them to fall behind on several of their payments. Grow was able to secure financing for them to help supplement the amounts owing to various entities.  The loan consisted of $900,000 at 13.5% per annum prepaid interest to the investors.

The borrowers are a pair of business partners in Calgary who were looking to purchase a new investment property. The property is located near the junction of HWY 1 and HWY 22 west of Calgary. This is prime vacation estate, hobby farm, and acreage land for Calgarians wanting to get away from city life in a quick and convenient manner.  Grow was able to secure a one year loan for $1,365,000 at 13% per annum interest for our investors.  The security for the loan ​was a first position mortgage on the investment property that was also registered on the borrowers’ two primary residences.

The borrower operates a large cattle feeding operation. While the feed lot was profitable in previous years, the borrower’s business practices became outdated as new feeding equipment became available, leading to diminished profits. A consultant was brought on board to overhaul the business and Grow provided bridge financing to allow the operation to continue. Grow was able to provide $9 million of bridge funding at 13% interest for our investors using a combination of deeded land, grazing leases, and cattle as security.


The Borrower, an owner of multiple fitness facilities in Edmonton and Calgary, came to Grow seeking refinancing for his business.  Grow was able to quickly obtain $850,000 at 13.5% per annum and a 12 month term.  Security for the loan included a second mortgage over 5 parcels of farmland in Lamont County at a high LTV.

The Borrower, an owner of a hotel in Williams Lake, British Columbia, was seeking refinancing of an existing private loan secured by the hotel. The Borrower had good cash flows and currently holds a contract with BC Housing.  After one year, it is expected that the Borrower will be able to obtain bank refinancing. Using the hotel and the Borrower’s primary residence as security, Grow was able to source $2,400,000 at a rate of 13% per annum and 51% overall LTV.

The Borrower, an owner of an established HVAC company, required a business loan to purchase equipment in order to develop an electrical generation system using waste methane gas from oil well sites.  Grow sourced the necessary financing of $515,000 at a rate of 13% per annum.  Security was a second mortgage against the Borrower’s industrial land and building at 78% LTV.

The Borrower wanted to purchase a business but needed additional cash to close the transaction.  Grow was able to source $975,000 at a rate of 12% per annum, with scheduled quarterly principal paydowns.  Security was a second mortgage against the Borrower’s property in Lake Country, British Columbia, at 85% LTV behind Canadian Western Bank.

The borrower is a high net individual who owns a large amount of real estate. With rising interest rates, the borrower was in a “cash crunch” and needed quick bridge financing.  He had 14.5 acres of land that he was willing to use as security for an equity take-out. Grow was able to secure a one year loan for $1,550,000 at a blended 9% per annum interest rate for investors. Grow was able to complete its due diligence and obtain the necessary funding for the borrower within 2 weeks.

The Borrowers came to Grow looking for financing to purchase a 160 acre parcel of land in Leduc County,  Alberta. With a purchase price of $1,360,000, and a first mortgage with a bank for $685,000, the Borrower needed $450,000 to complete the transaction. The Borrower had three lease contracts to store trucks and miscellaneous equipment on the land. Grow was able to secure a second mortgage for the Borrower at a rate of 11% per annum.

Grow brokered a deal between a commodity broker company and a syndicate of nine lenders to finance the purchase of a shipping vessel. The company wished to purchase the vessel to take advantage of shipping contracts that accompany its sulfur trading with its partner mining company overseas.  Grow was able to provide $14,000,000.00 of funding for the vessel with guaranteed 6 months interest at 15% per annum interest our lenders using the shipping vessel and a general security agreement as security.

The borrower owns a vacation property in Panorama, BC. The second and third mortgage holders wanted to be paid out, causing the borrower to come to Grow. Grow was able to secure a one year loan for $650,000 at 13% interest for our investors. The funds were used to pay out the second and third mortgage, which was replaced with a mortgage as security for the lenders. 

The borrowers wanted to purchase a commercial property in downtown Red Deer to renovate, lease, and eventually resell. By blanketing onto two of the borrower’s other portfolio assets, Grow was able to secure $1.4 million at 13% per annum interest for our investors for one year to allow the borrowers to fund the acquisition of the property.


The Borrower entered into an agreement to purchase a 106 unit townhome complex in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, but required additional cash to close.  Grow was able to source the required cash of $572,000 using equity from the Borrower’s primary residence in Sherwood Park, Alberta, and their vacation property in Lake Country, British Columbia.  

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